My name is Robert Fagoš and I am a judge for work and judge for beauty. Cynology I deal with since 1997.

I composed more than 50 exams - IPO-3, SchH-3 FH-2, ZPS and other top test with my dogs.

The favorite  breed for me is BOXER. Breed that combining an number of pros great temperament, strength and intelligence, partner for the family and professional sport. As each breed has its own specifics that need to be respected. A talented individual, in my opinion, can be compared to the  other breeds.

My work as helper is not limited to the boxer breed, I have experience with German Shepherds ,Malinois, Dobermans, Schnauzers, Airedale terrier and others. For all breeds we organize training weekends  focused on training and practice for the IPO  or for breeding , ZTP, Korung and others. If interested, please see the News, where deadlines are published the coming sessions and events organized by Z Ringu  or with friendly instructors and helpers.



My work:

like a HANDLER:


Leviathan z Ringu
(BOX, * 01.08.2015) -- IGP 3, BH, ZVV1 ( national IPO1), IFH 1

Champion of CZ in IGP3
Winner of Justitzův Memoriál ) + Best defence from all breed - 61 competitors)
Vice- Champion ATIBOX WM ( Best defence)
World winner in teams

 ... info about him on working dog


Areck Moravská Kometa
( NO, *9.12.2012) -- IPO3, IPO2, IPO1, BH, FH1

    *23. place race Třinec ( 247p)


Bestia z Ringu 
(BOX, * 09.06.2010) -- IPO3, IPO2, IPO1, BH, FPr1, FH1, FH2

    * 1. place Justitzův Memoriál IPO3, Champion of Czech Republic,  Best track and Best defence
    * 10. place ATIBOX WM 2015 in IPO3 ( 27 competitors) + Best track ( 100 pts)
    * 6. place ATIBOX WM 2016 in  IPO3
    * 9. place ATIBOX WM 2017 in  IPO3 + Best female of the Championship !
    * 4. place ATIBOX WM FH 2017 in  FH2
    * 1. place ATIBOX WM 2017 in teams
    * 1. place ATIBOX WM 2016 in  track


Joshua z Ringu
(BOX, * 22.6.2003) -IPO3, IPO2, IPO1, VPG 1, SVV1

    * 1. place  World´s champion IPO3 ATIBOX, Slovakia 2009,CACIT,CACT
    * 1. place  ATIBOX IPO3 in track
    * 1. place Teams world´s champion 2008 IPO3 , Wroclaw, Poland 2008
    * 2. place Vice - World´s champion ATIBOX IPO3, Wroclaw, Poland 2008
    * 1. place Work champion of Slovakia+ Best obedience IPO3 2007
    * 3. place ATIBOX FH
    * 9. place IPO3 ATIBOX 2007, Ronco all´Adige, Italy


Frety z Ringu
(BOX, * 12.12.1999) -- IPO3, IPO2, IPO1, SVV1

    * 4. place ATIBOX 2005 Augsburg IPO3
    * 1. place in obedience ATIBOX 2005
    * 2. Vice - work champion CZ ( boxers)


Orka Floyd Fender Edda
(BOX, * 29.7.1997) - SChH3, SChH2, SChH1, IPO3, IPO2, IPO1, ZPS1, FH1, BH, ZM, SChH A, ZV1

    * 2. place Atibox FH in category FH2-94p.
    * 5. place on Championship BX CZ


like a HELPER:


since 2000 I am a helper of 1. class
I've been nominated for a number of events: Championship, CACIT, ZTP,Körungs and other tests:

ATIBOX 2009 Hungary

ATIBOX 2003 Slovakia

CACIT 2001 -2003 Vrbové Slovakia

Open Championship of Poland

Championship of Howavarts CZ

Championship of Slovakia( boxer) 2002

Championship of Rotweiller club 2003 SK

Qualification of boxers for ATIBOX 2009 Poland


Qualification of boxers for ATIBOX ( Justitzuv memorial) 2010

Representational helper of ATIBOX 2010,2011

Representational helper of World Mastership Dobermann club 2011,2012

Boxers körung CZ

German ZTP of Dobermann